Strategy and marketing experts

We’ve walked in your shoes

Who are we? We’re medical product industry veterans with decades of experience, including in start-ups. We understand your world. Your challenges and your opportunities. Your impossible expectations and limited resources.

At our core, we’re business strategists and marketers. We’ve worked end-to-end on many first-to-market medical products. From opportunity assessments to go-to-market plans, from brand development to product launch, from market development to business turnarounds. We’ve done just about everything. And we’ve learned a lot – more from our mistakes than from our successes.

But we’re more than that. We understand that even with great strategies and plans, nothing happens until these solutions are implemented. And we’ve seen too many companies lose precious time and money on-boarding and managing vendors. Even worse, as these new players are added, something is inevitably “lost in translation,” diluting the effectiveness of the underlying business and communications strategies.

So we created something brand new. We are also a scalable team of copy-writers and graphic designers. Of sales trainers and physician education managers. We have best-in-class partners that we bring in as needed like reimbursement professionals and digital marketers. By leveraging experts only when they’re needed, we can deliver the services you need at a budget that you can afford. At each stage.

In short, we operate as a high-powered extension of your organization. Available when you need us. For your critical commercial challenges and initiatives.

That’s us.

An executive-level partner

From start-ups to multi-nationals, from pharma to robotics

Tom Patzelt is an expert in medical products strategy and marketing. He has over 30 years of experience in start-up, emerging growth, and multi-national life-science companies—including 10+ years at the executive level.

Driving adoption of disruptive technologies is a specialty. Tom has worked on many types of products including implantables, surgical robotics, and consumables as well as SAMD and pharmaceuticals. He has worked with many medical specialties including cardiovascular, neurology, neurosurgery, and ENT. He has led Product Marketing, Market Development, Education and Training, Marketing Communications, and Digital Marketing teams.

Tom’s education includes an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University respectively.