Market adoption

Driving adoption and market share for a revolutionary office procedure for sinusitis

What they were facing

A pioneering medtech company developed a product enabling lasting relief of chronic sinusitis in an office-procedure without surgery. The benefits included:

  • Better and longer-lasting symptom relief than medications
  • Shorter recovery times and fewer complications than surgery
  • Improved economics for physicians, patients and insurance companies

Despite seemingly compelling advantages, the product struggled to grab a foothold in the marketplace.

How we helped

We dove deeper to understand the underlying drivers of the market behavior. We interviewed ENT physicians and the organization’s sales team, then conducted a study of patients and an analysis of online patient behavior. We learned the following:

Key Patient Data:

  • 49% of patients were not satisfied with their current medical treatment; yet
  • 79% of patients wouldn’t consider surgery
  • 368,000 and 135,000 monthly searches were conducted for sinus infections and sinusitis, respectively — huge numbers of patients were seeking a better solution

Key Physician Insights:

  • Genuinely cared about what their patients’ think
  • Mistakenly believed that most patients were satisfied with current medical treatment
  • Not motivated by financial gain; but
  • Motivated to better serve patients and preserve their practice

The market picture that emerged was that the company’s perceptions and messaging were not aligned with physicians’ motivations.

Next, we re-crafted the messaging and provided attention-grabbing and compelling tools to communicate the extent of patient dissatisfaction, and the potential impact on the physician’s practice and reputation.

  • Initiated paid and organic online search to direct patients to the company website and build a database of patients
  • Provided reps with a heat map tool to communicate the large number of patients interested in the company’s procedure in their catchment area.
  • Trained reps to communicate that the company had relationships with many sinusitis patients that they could introduce to ENTs


  • Built a database of over 45,000 interested patients in just 6 months.
  • Delivered over 2.5 times as many unique website visitors as the main multi-national competitor
  • Achieved over 50% market share of patients treated in clinics